BEST summer camp at home: Boxed camp

BEST summer camp at home: Boxed camp

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What's inside: How to create great summer camp at home experience for your children – on any budget! We will give you a brief overview of what is in "Camp in a Box", as well as some completely FREE resources with activities in the summer camp! Sponsored by Connect Camps.

Summer camp at home

Staying home is the safest place for our family right now, but let's face it, after a while the kids start messing around (well … a lot).

If you are looking for ideas to make a summer camp at home with your children, you have come to the right place! We will show you the best summer camp kit for all inclusive, as well as free to help you create your own summer camp at home!

When it comes to the best value in a summer camp set, Camp in a Box is the winner's hand! This is the closest thing I've found to a real summer camp experience without actually attending a people's camp.

bearing detection in a box

What is a box bearing?

Camp in a Box is a complete day camp experience for children aged K-8 – delivered right to your doorstep! This is literally a camp in a box!

I have fond memories of attending a holiday Bible school every summer as a child and I am so excited to give my children a similar experience – from the comfort and safety of our own home!

Our family received 2 Deluxe Boxes for review and I was impressed!

Connect Camps thoughtfully prepare each box with exactly what you need for each activity. Supplies for each activity are packaged and labeled, and these activity bags are organized into larger bags according to the type of activity (Built-it-Up, Painting, & Science Lab).

opening a bearing in a box

Perx box bearing:

  • Includes a full week of hands-on activities, Bible study and worship.
  • The camp route can be customized to fit your schedule – you go at your own pace!
  • Parents can participate as much as they want, or let the counselors in the camp lead the way through the video digital camps.
  • This is a great way to spend time together as a family this summer!

children making mucus on the kitchen counter

Here's what's in the Deluxe Box:

  • 4 skill sets for all involved, each with one activity for each day of the week (deliveries included!)
  • Access to Dance Party online videos
  • An interactive book for studying the Bible
  • Camp T-shirt
  • Cultural camp set
  • Access content in the online camp, with high-energy videos for worship, videos with instructions for activities and more!

In addition to the Deluxe Box, which our family reviews, Connect Camps also offers a basic box, a digital box and a family box – each designed to meet your family's needs and budget.

Why I love boxing as a parent

There are many high-quality activities in each box that entertain children for hours, keep their brains thinking and learning, and nourish their spirits. We made mud, created intricate art and even built miniature catapults!

The best part is that everything you need for all activities is in the box! You do not need to buy additional consumables. Even better, all deliveries are organized by activity and clearly marked.

plastic bag with supplies for scientific activity inside

In addition to the physical box, your Camp in a Box purchase includes access to rich digital content:

  • Daily worship through song and dance, led by camp counselors
  • Daily Bible study video with the camp pastor
  • Instructional videos demonstrating how to set up and complete each activity
  • Entertainment activities led by video to move children

BONUS: As a special offer just for my readers, Connect Camps offers a $ 5 discount when you purchase through this link and use the coupon code "STACEY5"

Frequently asked questions about box bearing

These are some of my own questions I had before checking out Camp in a Box. I hope they help you get a better idea of ​​why I love him so much!

Does it take a long time for parents to set up and run the camp?

To be honest, this was my biggest concern about the commitment to a whole week of day camp at home. We just finished months of distance learning after all!

The online content perfectly complements the Camp in a Box experience and is designed to make things as easy as possible for parents – the videos guide children through everything and are fun to watch!

Each activity has a 10-15 minute video in which the counselors in the camp demonstrate how to set up the activity, just as if the children had been in a personal camp.

All you have to do as a parent is click play!

children at the kitchen table - summer camp at home

Do you have to buy any consumables for the activities?

Nope! Deliveries are included! The only extras you need are scissors, pencil and glue – things you probably already have at home. Everything else is already in the field, grouped by activities and clearly marked.

This is my favorite part of the box camp – it's really all-encompassing! Just open the box and start right away!

catapult ship made with popsicle sticks

Are discounts or coupons available?

Yes !! I am so excited that I can offer you, my readers, a $ 5 coupon for your camp on purchase!

To activate the coupon, click this link to view and select your field, then enter the code "STACEY5" upon payment.

Do you have any other questions I didn't answer here? Feel free to ask in the comments at the end of the post and I will answer them as soon as possible!

a little girl in a camp T-shirt holding an alcohol stick

How to create your own summer camp at home

Since I know these are uncertain times, I want to include free activities to set up my own summer camp at home. These are crafts, recipes, etc. that are on my website – the lessons are free and all you have to do is acquire your own supplies.

FREE USING RESOURCE The great people at Connect Camps also sent a free free PDF guide that is PACKED with ideas. There are over 20 pages of summer camp activities!

If you want to download this free resource from Connect Camps, just enter your email in the form below and we will send it directly to your inbox!

Here are the activities on our website that you can use to create your own summer camp at home:

Snacks that children can help make

Sensory game

Summer arts and crafts

STEM activities

More resources for a home summer camp

What are your plans for this summer? I will be happy to hear what your family will do in the comments below!

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