Easy Bluey Craft w / Cardboard rollers + Preview of NEW Bluey Toys

Easy Bluey Craft w / Cardboard rollers + Preview of NEW Bluey Toys

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What's inside: An easy Bluey craft that kids can make, plus a preview of the new Bluey toy line from Moose Toys!

Do your children love fornication?

Our six-year-old is a huge fan of both the TV show and the hero Bloody! In fact, watching an episode of Blooddy was her treat that she prepares for school on time every day!

What is Bluey?

Bloody is an energetic Blue Heeler puppy who lives in Australia with her bandit father, mother Chile and her little sister Bingo.

The TV animated film "Blooney" debuted in 2018 and my girls were fans right away! My husband and I love that this is a family show – Bludi loves to play with both her little sister and her parents. Blooney's parents not only take the time to play with their puppies, but also embrace their creativity and imagination!

In the spirit of this imaginary puppy, I wanted to share the Bluey craft I made with my daughters, as well as the new Bluey toys we received from Moose Toys as a sneaky look at the full line that is being launched this summer!

a little girl holding a box of Bluey characters

Here are the four toys / sets we received:

  • Bluey & Bingo Park Mini Player – This cute little toy comes with Bluey and Bingo figures, as well as a movable swing and slide on which they can play.
  • Bluey & Family Figure 4-Pack – My girls love to play with mini figures, so this set of Bludi and her family is a must!
  • Family car Bluey Heeler 4WD – My youngest daughter especially loves this toy! The car is big enough for the whole family of figures to fit inside, and the roof opens for easy access to play!
  • Best Mate Bluey – A wonderful plush toy with a jumbo, which my 6-year-old immediately scoops up as she collects plush!

Blue toys in a package

Where to find new Bluey toys

This charming line of Bluey toys from Moose Toys is available in Target stores at the end of June.

The line will also be available at other major retailers on August 1.

For more information on the new Bluey toys, visit moosetoys.com

two little girls playing with Bluey toys

Blue toilet paper rolls

In the spirit of Bloody and her life imagination, our family decided to make their own figure of Bloody! My middle daughter collects cardboard rolls for making – they are shaped like Bluey for starters and the perfect material for our craft!

To make a Bluey figurine from a cardboard roll, simply press the top of the roll on both sides and glue together. This creates Bluey's sharp ears:

making a craft with rolls of toilet paper

We then painted our paper towel roll in light blue and dark blue to match Bloody's coat. We used a pompom for her nose and attached eyes from Google. A few more details like pipe cleaning feet and painted eyebrows and our Bluey craft is complete!

Bluey craft with a roll of toilet paper

The girls love to play with both their new Bluey playmates from Moose Toys and the Bluey craft we made!

little girls holding blue toys

For Moose Toys

My girls have been fans of Moose Toys for years, as they are the creative geniuses behind the Shopkins toys!

Moose Toys is a family brand and in their own words there are "to make children happy" – now that is a mission statement! In this regard, it is easy to understand why their toys are rewarded and loved by children!

You can contact Moose Toys at: Facebook,, Instagram, and YouTube!!

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Moose Toys through Momtrends. The opinions expressed here are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Moose Toys or Momtrends.

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