It's time to deck the halls

It's time to deck the halls

The title of this post might be "Frustration", but … Well, you'll see.

Yesterday Tate and I returned home from our parents. I had come home with us on a Friday afternoon to clean, sans a toddler and take out the Christmas tree and decorations. I took our huge, artificial, tree up the stairs and pulled the boxes all under the stairs into the garage. I was so excited to put the tree together and hang the ornaments with Tate on Saturday. I was hoping to start our own tradition of putting our tree on Thanksgiving Saturday complete with Christmas music on the CD player, chill in the air and kids laughing! Yes, my laughing child was part of my tradition. My child putting on an ornament or two on the tree was part of my tradition. The two of us hanging out starting the Christmas season were part of my VIDEO tradition !!!

Can you see where this is going?

I even went so far as to buy a Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD. I let Tate watch Mickey Mouse Club once or twice over the weekend for 20 minutes each time for about a month. I'm still firmly on no TV on weekdays and minimal TV on weekends … one show on Saturday and maybe one on Sunday, if any. But I decided it was Christmas! This is Christmas music. Tate loves Mickey Mouse! I'm sure he'll love Mickey Mouse Pee-a-Long.

I couldn't be more wrong.

There were photos of Mickey Mouse on the menu page, but after I clicked to release the DVD, it was just music with those that look like "still" photos of Mickey and his friends. Tate wasn't having fun or having fun. Much whimpering caused by "Where's Mickey Mouse?" I want Mickey Mouse. "

Bach Hamburg.

I saved up and pulled out a Christmas DVD of Thomas The Tank Engine DVD. This started and it lasted about 5 minutes. As soon as Thomas left the screen, he began with the noise "Where is Thomas?"


On top of that, he had no interest in helping with the Christmas tree. He was excited by the lights when I turned on the tree, but his interest quickly diminished. He quickly returned to hit the DVD player, trying to get Thomas back and play with his trains on the floor.

So I hung the decorations. No Christmas music. No hot chocolate (well, I guess if it was part of my picture I should have done some). There is no 2-year-old stare at the tree in absolute astonishment and enchantment.

He finally got interested when I was done just before taking him upstairs to go to bed. He approached the tree and projected a photo or two ready, minus his pants, a pacifier in his mouth waiting for the bed.

In fact, now when I look at the photos, I take the time to really look at Tate's face in the photos. There is that look of astonishment on his face, that enchantment and unbelief. How sad it was that I was so wrapped up in how I thought the afternoon should go by that I didn't realize he was really enjoying it. He needs to see the DVD for the first time and he loves Thomas. He was happy and having a great time. It may not have been the great time I had foreseen, but he was happy to be with his mother and live this first Saturday tradition of decorating with his mother.

I have to erase all my preconceived notions of what our lives should be like, not just this past weekend, but always. We are our own little family. We are ourselves. The traditions we start will matter to no one but us. And they will make us happy.

That's all that matters … happiness.


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