Parenting during a global pandemic: Don't be so hard on yourself and your feelings are valid

Parenting during a global pandemic: Don't be so hard on yourself and your feelings are valid

* This post was originally posted to my blog, Parenting during Covid-19: Don't be so hard on yourself and your feelings are valid. I wanted to share it with the MomsRising community because I know we can feel it all. What you feel is valid, this is not the time to remove our emotions! This is something we have never experienced before! Remember that the MomsRising community is here for you!

Are you trying to survive with children quarantine? Did parenting during COVID-19 make you a little crazy? Do you feel like your kids are testing everyone. minutes. on. on. damn it. day?

I want you to know: cheats, dads, and everyone else reading this … I want you to know you're doing a good job. I know you may think you are not, but believe me, I am 99% sure you are and that you are hard on yourself.

If you lost sh * t, believe me, I was there. It's good … we're just humans. Our children will also lose their nonsense. Their schedules are closed. They are stuck in tiny apartments with the US. They want to eat junk food and play video games all day long (which, if you listen to my son talk to his third-grade friends, he swears that's all he did). But we have to stop and put ourselves in their shoes … we probably would lose that too. At least as adults we can eat whatever we want, bathe whenever we want, watch what we want. We always tell our kids what to do … When I stop thinking about it, it's understandable that they lose it too.

It is also understandable when we lose it, because you LOOK at it … how many times do we have to say CLEAN YOUR TOOTH, LET YOURSELF, COME SO MUCH PLEASE. !!).

If I may, I want to share some of the things I learned while quarantined for what I feel like 2345423 days.

Parenthood during COVID …

First, it's good to stay in your PJ all day long. And it's good to feel that you have to make up and cover your circles with your eyes open and pretend to have a date if you haven't. YOU HAD A BOOK. Whatever makes you feel better. IF YOU WANT TO LOOK AT DO THIS. If you want to dress up, do it! Do whatever makes you feel a little better in this whole situation.

It is good that dry shampoo is your BFF.
And it's good that Benefit Corrector is your BFF.

It is good to eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Are there really food rules anymore?

It's good to hide in the bathroom. Either take a slightly longer shower or pretend to pop and lock the door to keep children out.

It's good to find solace in mundane things like washing dishes or doing laundry (as I admit I found solace).

It's good to lose yourself completely in a 500-piece puzzle and be more excited about it than your child.

It's good to get your kids to eat vegetables and eat something for dinner (please tell me it's not just me …)

It's good to be great one day and be totally sad the next. Shots of emotion here.

It's good not to watch the news … in fact, please give the news you are watching because it may not be good for our mental health to watch 24/7 coverage.

Good to CRE.

It's a good idea to take a break from real life and get lost in drawing with your kids.

It's good to want to SHOP. I was thinking of doing this a few days ago, but I thought I'd scare my neighbors.

It's good to CRE (you say it again because it needs repetition).

It's a good idea to take the time to do something that is not about your children and is just for you.

It is good to have joy, even for a moment.

It is a good idea to feel overwhelmed by distance learning and curse the person who thought that expecting children to be online throughout the school day would be a good idea.

It's good to feel like you don't know how to handle your emotions, because we've never been in a global pandemic before.

It's good to feel like you need a mental break.

It's good to want to print. It's good that you want to cook. It's a good idea to order an outlet (also, please support local restaurants! They definitely need our support!)

It's a good idea to seek professional help.

It is good to be scared and question the children who lead this world.

It's good to want to laugh. Please find something that makes you laugh.

It's good to laugh when you cry.

It's good to be angry and want to change things! It is good to be angry at the broken systems we have. It is a good idea to want more from our elected employees. (Let's do this!) (Now is the perfect time to say … have you signed up for a MomsRising membership? Do it! Do it!

It is NOT OK to lose hope. Hope is our superpower. Do not forget that. and HOPE, combined with ACTION, will change our world, let's do it!

* Diana is a social media consultant with MomsRising. She is also the creator of, where she writes about raising bilingual children and the creator of Parenting and Policy Podcast. Phe has been a member of MomsRising since 2012 when he learned that he had no paid vacation in New York and was angry with all the things the rest of the developed world has that the US does not have. She cares deeply about issues affecting mothers and families and wants all mothers to use their power to make a difference!

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