Raising for Black Lives and LGBTQ + Rights: Your June MOMENT

Raising for Black Lives and LGBTQ + Rights: Your June MOMENT

From June to Pride, this June was marked by ongoing actions for justice by the MomsRising movement. From marching to texting to signing letters, we have raised our voices in our communities to call for justice and an end to police violence, to promote voter engagement, to support LGBTQ + Pride Month, and more. And summer is set to be even busier as we approach election season. That is why your support and commitment to MomsRising is particularly strong now, as we work to make progress together for a healthier democracy and a healthier nation.

Thank you for being part of the MomsRising movement.


From marches for George Floyd and so many others who died in police violence, to conversations about what police nonsense means (see below!), To discussions marking the historical connection between LGBTQ + Pride and Black Lives Matter, June was incredibly full of teachings and actions in solidarity in support of the Movement for Black Lives. June 13 marks 100 days and there is NO ARREST in the murder of Breona Taylor, who was shot and killed at her home by Louisville Metropolitan Police officers. Breona was awarded an EMT, a key worker in two hospitals during the pandemic and loved by friends and family.

The MomsRising community has stepped up for Breonna's justice in a big way. Thousands joined our action, calling on Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher to fire and ensure that officials were charged with illegally entering her home and taking Breona's life.

Thank you for nurturing this and all our work for justice.

Read the latest updates and add your name now: Justice for Breona,,


The more mothers know, the more powerfully they can stand up for themselves, their families and their communities. With the support of donors like you, MomsRising staff has provided dozens of timely, powerful and FREE #KeepMarching training on critical issues and advocacy tactics.

This month, the #KeepMarching team conducted training on police protection, diving deep into police history and the impact on our communities, and exploring patterns and ideas for stronger communities.

"I love these meetings. So insightful. Many things I did not know Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”- Stephanie, participant

Take a look RECAP: Police Protection #KeepMarching meeting for more informationThank you for helping mothers like Stephanie to gain strength and rise!


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Members share how MomsRising is a positive force in their lives.

"(I support MomsRising because) with everything that is happening right now, I wanted to be able to contribute in a way that keeps all our babies and moms alive, happy and healthy."



6 black mothers on the front lines of the fight against racism
Magazine for parents, June 15, 2020

"We are fighting to demilitarize schools and win. This week alone, we saw three schools cancel contracts with local police to use that money to address the critical needs of today's students. This is progress."

– Monifa Bundale, Senior Vice President of MomsRising

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