Top # 5 Last week's promotions: May 22, 2020

Top # 5 Last week's promotions: May 22, 2020

Congratulations. We hope your week has been as good as possible and you will have time to relax and recharge this weekend. We share our latest list of best actions from last week, including important elements for taxes, healthcare and SNAP. You can also sign up for postcards encouraging mothers to vote and join a special #KeepMarching meeting focused on small group dialogue. Scroll down to find out more, and please share this list with family and friends.

We are strong together! Here is the list:

1. Tell the Senate: Tax cuts for working families, not millionaires!

PREVIOUS: The House of Representatives has just passed the HEROES law! In this important COVID-19 relief legislation is the extension of the EITC and the child tax credit to the fight against families and the repeal of #MillionairesGiveaway – a provision previously included in another COVID-19 relief bill that has NOTHING to do with coronavirus or help our shattered economy, but gives a whopping $ 135 billion in taxes, reduced to just 43,000 American millionaires. It is now up to the US Senate to vote on the HEROES Act. We need our elected leaders to support the families who live from salary to salary, and not to give built-in windbreaks to the already mega-rich! *** SIGN OUR LETTER NOW urging your US senators to repeal #MillionairesGiveaway and instead hand over working family tax credits that boost our families!

2. Quick signature: COVID-19 shows why we all need healthcare!

BACKGROUND: No matter where we come from or what color we are, we should all have access to health care when we get sick. Now more than ever, the COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our health depends on the person next to us and the person next to them. Ensuring that we all have access to health care is how we take care of ourselves. Join us to ask President Trump and Republican attorneys to overturn the case, asking the courts to delete the entire ACA as unconstitutional. If they succeed in your lawsuit, at least 20 million people would become uninsured and millions more could be charged more or denied coverage due to their current condition. Add your name now!

3. Send a letter to the editor to talk about hungry families!

BACKGROUND: We need our elected leaders to prioritize the nutritional needs of our families. They must ensure that anyone in need of food aid will be able to access it and increase the benefits of SNAP (food stamping) to better serve struggling families. Congress is on track to begin difficult negotiations on the next COVID-19 relief bill. The House of Representatives passed its bill, but Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and his allies have come out on top and repeatedly said they do not want to strengthen the SNAP in any way. We want to raise the profile of this issue by placing letters to the editor in local newspapers across the country so that Congress feels compelled to take action as soon as possible! *** Send a letter to your local newspaper urging Congress to step up food aid and SNAP in its next COVID-19 aid package!

4. Sign up for "Only: loneliness or isolation?" – Extra-special online meeting #KeepMarching with daily calls, 28 May, 20:00 ET / 17:00 PT

BACKGROUND: In guided, structured conversations for augmentation, groups of four to seven people will gather for about 60 minutes to listen and be heard from each other, sharing thoughts and personal experiences of independence. Our social nature is part of our humanity. People tend to like being with other people and many of us need other people to be healthy and happy. The feeling of being alone can seriously weigh on an individual. Yet for some people, solitude is calm, relaxing, and even spiritually rewarding. The current need to isolate ourselves physically from others sets boundaries for our social relationships. What is this experience for you? Join us to discuss!

5. Help us send 1,000,000 postcards with a voice reminder to mothers!

BACKGROUND: Help us send 1,000,000 postcards with a voice reminder to mothers who have not always voted in the past to help them exercise their right to vote this November. Sign up to receive free packages of 10 pre-stamped, pre-addressed, gorgeous, eye-catching postcards to fill out quickly, which a few weeks before the November 3 election we will launch a wave of heart-wrenching messages from mother to mother to vote. Get your free postcards now!

Thank you for everything you do and have a nice weekend.

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