WRITING FOR 10 * FREE * reminder cards with voting reminder!

WRITING FOR 10 * FREE * reminder cards with voting reminder!

So many things feel insecure right now, but one thing that feels very safe is the urgent need everyone to vote in 2020. You, me and all our neighbors, near and far.

Here's the great news: MomsRising has a super easy, powerful impact and FREE way YOU can help you go to the polls while socially distancing yourself!

>>> REGISTER HERE to get a FREE package of 10 eye-catching voting reminder cards to fill out!

Our goal is to reach 1 million mothers who do not always vote and need extra encouragement! Can you help us do that? Research shows this handwritten notes are one of the most powerful ways to attract an unusual voter to the ballot box!!

Here is the aluminum granular → We will send you a free package of 10 pre-addressed, pre-stamped postcards, along with a few quick instructions. All you have to do is write a quick note of encouragement to everyone and send them back to us with the provided prepaid return envelope. We will keep the postcards until the time comes to send them in the mail before the elections in November 2020!

Do not wait! Register now to receive your FREE package of 10 GOTV postcards to fill out!

*** If you want to include and write 100 or more postcards for our Go-Vote campaign, this is an option on the registration page!

Here's the thing: we're not just activating voters to vote, we're activating votes for health care, equal pay, paid family leave, and all the other issues that are dear to our hearts.

Join us by voting for health care, equal pay, paid family leave and paid sick days!

Together we are a powerful force to drive women and mothers to the polls in 2020!

Postscript – The beautiful work of the painting presented above is by Faviana Rodriquez!

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